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Electrolysis For Transgender Patients


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  • Permanent Hair Removal

  • Affordable Treatments

  • Private home setting

  • Serving the community 23 years

  • Safe, hygienic, supportive environment

Precision Electrolysis Cheryl Transgender Acceptance

Free consultation and sample treatment for first time clients! 

How long will electrolysis take?


A typical transgender female may take 100-400 hours of treatment give or take.  Ethnicity, age, and hormones are factors.   This of course is spread out over 1-4 years (some more some less).

Does it hurt?


Everyone is different. Some tolerate the sensation, some need analgesic help.   This can be as simple as taking an Advil before, or using a topical numbing cream like Emla or Zensa.



How will my skin react?


Electrolysis is very non-invasive and the skin recovers very quickly.   Swelling,redness and welting dissipate

within 1 hour.


Should electrolysis be my priority in my transition?


There are some big advantages. It will help your makeup look natural and smooth. Clients also say it has helped them feel feminine and pretty.  

How much does it cost?


Fees vary from electrologist to electrologist. My rate is 75$ an hour. Discounts are available if you purchase packages of appointments.

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