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Electrolysis Reviews 

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J Chang

Thornhill, Ontario

After doing A LOT of research about Electrolosis vs laser I decided to give Cheryl a try. She offers a free consultation for the first appointment and a sample treatment with no obligation to continue seeing her. During the consult she thoroughly explains the process and answers any questions. Treatments are done in her home which is comfortable and clean. She is patient, professional, friendly and VERY knowledgeable. She is EXTREMELY skilled and gentle and customizes the treatment specific to how my skin/hair responds. She provides great advice on aftercare between each session and makes me feel comfortable at each treatment so the time just flies by.

Her online booking system is a breeze and makes it so easy to keep organized and book, modify or cancel appointments. She is also reachable by text or email which makes it simple to get in touch with her.

I have also seen her colleague Katia for treatments when my schedule doesn’t coincide with Cheryl’s since I travel for work a fair bit. Katia is also very friendly, professional and skilled. In addition, she works most evenings and weekends. As such between Cheryl and Katia’s availability, there is so much flexibility when booking appointments I can schedule a session that fits my busy schedule. I have been going to Precision Electrolosis by Cheryl for a while now and I am so glad I took a chance and started Electrolosis. It is a long process to get results but so worth it in the end.


Toronto, Ontario

I have been seeing Cheryl and the rest of the team at Precision Electrolysis for about three years. The results have been amazing. Regardless of the number of electrolysis places around my home, I continue to drive 40 minutes to Richmond hill for the service and professionalism that I receive. The team is knowledgeable and provide comfortable space. So happy I took a chance and so grateful for the thorough work they do.

Thanks team!

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Ari Finewax

Vaughan, Ontario

I recently visited Cheryl for some electrolysis on my shoulders/back. The clinic was awesome and Cheryl did a great job. Highly recommended for anyone seeking electrolysis treatments


Lucy Nguyen

Richmond Hill, Ontario

My first impression of Cheryl is that she is very warm and friendly. She’s definitely a family person; pictures of her family adorn her home giving off the familiar feeling of comfort. Her welcoming atmosphere put me at ease. In a room of lavender and cupids, I notice on the wall her credentials and diagrams of hair follicles.

Before starting the electrolysis, she gave a thorough explanation on the types of hair follicles, electrolysis, what to expect, and answered all my questions. She was knowledgeable in the subject of electrolysis as she graduated from a well-known electrolysis institute. She was very professional and patient during the entire explanation.

Then it was time for the electrolysis. Lying down, she ensured that I was comfortable and gave me a pillow to put on head on. I had to hold a metal rod with a type of cream on it to ensure that the electrolysis will work, the metal road to the positive and the needle is the negative that creates the current of the blend method. During the session she took time to explain to me what she was doing and why she was doing it. For example she was explaining to me that she was starting at the lowest level of current before moving her way up, to ensure that I can tolerate the pain well. I was less nervous with her professionalism and awareness. The other reason she started at a low current is to gauge the skin’s reaction to ensure that the hair will be easily released.

During the session she didn’t wear gloves, which was different from other places I’ve been to. She explained that it was too feel for the short hairs that normally you wouldn’t feel with gloves. As she has a lot of clients who have fine hair. The session was fairly quick, and it only took a few tugs to get the hair to slide out, compared to bishop’s electrolysis where it took a bit more tries to get the hair out. When I was done, she gave me a cream to soothe the redness.

Hands down she was the best experience I had so far in the world of Electrolysis. I would put her above Bishop’s Electrolysis. If you are a first timer you would get a consultation and free sample treatment to try her out. And I definitely prefer the blend electrolysis over any other permanent hair removal.

I would recommend you to check out Precision Electrolysis by Cheryl.

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Richmond Hill, Ontario

I want to start out by saying I would recommend Cheryl to anyone who is looking for the best electrolysis treatment around! She is extremely knowledgeable in her field of work and treats you with care during your visits. I have been seeing Cheryl for several months, and have been very pleased with the results. Her clinic space is very clean and private. She is very warm and friendly and I always look forward to my sessions. She is a lovely person who makes you feel extremely conformable! Highly Recommended 10 Stars **********

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