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Skin Tag Removal in Richmond Hill 

Skin Tag Removal
Skin Tag Description


Skin tags are small benign growths of epithelium.  They can be the same colour as the skin or darker.  They can occur on the neck, underarms, eyelids, groin folds, or under breasts.  Skin tags usually appear with age. There may be a hereditary predisposition to forming them. 

Skin Tag Treatment

Skin tags can be removed with electrocoagulation, usually with one treatment. Small tags may come off immediately. Larger skin tags may turn grey, form a scab, and fall off after several days. Treated skin tags will not return. New ones may appear elsewhere. 

About Electrocoagulation 


Electrocoagulation is a safe non-invasive effective treatment that can remove ruby points. This procedure is generally more effective and less painful than liquid nitrogen or laser 


Cheryl is an electrologist who has completed a course in Non-Invasive Electrocoagulation and is qualified to handle these skin blemishes. 


All procedures are done with sterile disposable needles in a clean, hygienic environment.

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