Galvanic Electrolysis Vs. Thermolysis Vs. Flash Electrolysis Vs. The Blend

Galvanic Electrolysis was the first electrolysis used by Dr. Charles Michel as early as 1869. When a D.C. current is passed into a follicle the salty water in the follicle and surrounding tissue produces lye and hydrogen. Hydrogen escapes from the follicle and the lye destroys the growing cells of the hair root. This is an effective method of permanent hair removal but it is also SLOW.

Thermolysis is also known as short-wave,diathermy, or the "Kree Method"(named for the Kree Manufacturing Company). High frequency current is passed down the needle and produces heat in the tissue which destroys the hair root. It is faster than Galvanic electrolysis but not as precise in it's destruction ability as Galvanic or the Blend. It is also less effective on distorted or curved follicles. If you have waxed, plucked, or threaded in the past or if you have curly hair it is probable that you do in fact have curved or distorted follicles.

Flash electrolysis is a type of thermolysis that utilizes high intensities at less than 1 second. This is very hot and very fast. Unfortunately this method results in a high re-growth rate.

The Blend combines Galvanic electrolysis for effectiveness and Thermolysis for speed. I believe it is the most effective method of electrolysis which is why I use this method in my practice.

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