Microscopic Electrolysis - Who Needs It?

NOBODY! Dr. Charles Michel, an Ophthalmologist was the first documented electrologist. He had been performing electrolysis since 1869. He reported his use of electrolysis in 1875 when he treated Trichiasis (ingrown eyelashes).

In 1916 Paul Kree developed the multi-needle technique for galvanic electrolysis and in 1924 Dr. Henri Bordier developed Thermolysis.

In 1948 Arthur Hinkel and Henri St. Pierre received their patent for their blend machine.

So as you can see, electrolysis has been around for decades, successfully treating unwanted hair permanently without microscopes! 3-5 diopter magnification has been doing the job successfully since electrolysis' inception.

Microscopes are extremely costly. Many people who use them have found that they narrow their field of vision. Because of this they lose perception of skin reaction, client reaction and comfort.

I believe microscopic electrolysis is unnecessary fluff which will reflect itself on your bottom line. Trust me, the cost of the microscope will be absorbed into your treatment fee. Effectivepermanent hair removal can be done with standard magnification (3-5 diopter) and a skilled technician - just as it has been done since its inception in 1869!

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