Two Simple Ways to Decrease the Pain of Electrolysis

It's true. Sometimes we feel like we need to suffer to be beautiful. Like waxing and plucking, there can be some discomfort with electrolysis if the goal is permanent hair removal. Certain areas can also be more sensitive than others. For example, the mid lip, jaw line and neck can be more sensitive than the chin. Even though there is some discomfort with electrolysis, there are some easy ways to soften the blow.

1. Use Creams

Emla 4% is a wonderful cream that can be purchased from any pharmacy in Toronto without a prescription. It can be applied thickly to the area to be treated at least one hour before electrolysis and covered with plastic. Household Saran Wrap works fine! This ensures that the Emla seeps down into the skin as opposed to evaporating. Zcaine(4% Lidocaine) is another topical. It should be applied 1/2 hour before your electrolysis treatment, not quite as thickly and without plastic. It may be harder to find but your electrologist may be able to order it for you.

2. Be Proactive!

Make an appointment for electrolysis as soon the hair appears. The hair will be in the Anagen stage. In this stage the follicle will be longer and attached to the dermal papilla. The heat will be deeper in the follicle and not close to the skin surface and therefore less sensitive.It might be helpful to think of hairs as trees. Young hairs are like small shrubs with less established roots. Old hairs are like older shrubs which have more established roots that are harder to remove. Young (Anagen) hairs require less current and current is delivered deeper into the follicle, further from the surface of the skin. Older (Telogen) hairs require more current and will have shorter follicles so that the current will be felt closer to the surface of the skin.Young hairs will slide out of the follicle easily. Older hairs will sometimes pop and tug because of the "club" formation at the bulb (keratinization). For all of these reasons it is much more confortable to remove newer hairs than older ones.

No Pain No Gain!

So yes, your mother was right. There maybe some degree of discomfort in order to be beautiful. But if you follow these simple suggestions you will have less pain and great skin to gain!

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