To Consult or not to Consult, Please ask the Question!

I cannot stress the importance of a good consultation and sample treatment. Would you undergo dental treatment without knowing what was going to be done and how much it was going to cost?

When you decide to have electrolysis treatment you are entering into a relationship with your electrologist. You must feel comfortable with him/her. A consultation appointment is the time to learn a little bit about the electrologist and their qualifications. This is the time to find out what type of electrolysis they use and trust me, there are many. This is when the electologist should explain hair cycles and how to maximize your electrolysis dollars. Now is the time to discuss cost and estimated duration of treatment time.

Don't you want to know what temporary side effects to expect before you experience them?How about the environment? Is it sanitary? How is your skin treated before and after treatment? Are needles and tweezers sterile?

Not all electrologist do free sample treatments (10-15 hairs). I always insist! How else will you know how it will feel or how your skin will react?

So please, make sure you have a good consultation and sample treatment before you delve into treatment. Lay it on. Ask your questions. Be an informed client and get the results you want,PERMANENT hair removal.

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