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Milia Removal in Richmond Hill 

Milia Removal
Milia Description 

Milia are tiny white bumps filled with keratin on the skin that look like white heads but don't have an opening at the surface. They are often found around the eyes and nose. They can sometimes be hereditary. 

Milia Treatment 


Milia removal can be done with electrocoagulation. Electrocoagulation will soften the debris in the milia which will allow the technician to easily remove it. This usually takes one treatment. 

About Electrocoagulation 


Electrocoagulation is a safe non-invasive effective treatment that can remove ruby points. This procedure is generally more effective and less painful than liquid nitrogen or laser 


Cheryl is an electrologist who has completed a course in Non-Invasive Electrocoagulation and is qualified to handle these skin blemishes. 


All procedures are done with sterile disposable needles in a clean, hygienic environment.

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