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New! We now offer eyelash extensions in addition to our electrolysis services in Richmond Hill! We have 3 different options to meet the various needs of our clients. Feel free to check the prices for lashes or to call or email for more information 

Eyelash Extensions In Richmond Hill 

woman getting eyelash tint
picture of eyebrow tint
eyelash and eyebrow tint

Eyelash Extensions


This is a semi-permanent, safe and effective treatment to enhance the colour of your eyelashes.  Your eyes will look brighter and more defined reducing the need for daily eyeliner and mascara.

Eyelash Extension Refill


This is a semi-permanent colouring that is safe, helping to enhance and define your eye shape.  It can last up to 4-6 weeks.  By tinting you eyebrows, you will cover pesky grey hair and reduce the need to pencil in your eyebrows on a daily basis.

Eyelash Extension Removal


Why choose when you can have them both! Get both an eyebrow and an eyelash tint at a discount in this package deal. 

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