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Brown Spot Removal in Richmond Hill 

Brown Spots Removal
Brown Spots Description 


Hyperpigmentation, also known as brown spots may be light or dark, even with the skin or hyperkeratinized (thicker and raised). They are caused by sun exposure which leads to overproduction of melanin. They may also be caused by hormones or injury to the skin.

Brown Spots Treatment


Small brown spots may only need one treatment for removal.  Larger brown spots may require re treatment. Regardless, a scab will form and fall off in 3-21 days. The skin will heal and blend with your natural skin tone.

About Electrocoagulation 


Electrocoagulation is a safe non-invasive effective treatment that can remove ruby points. This procedure is generally more effective and less painful than liquid nitrogen or laser 


Cheryl is an electrologist who has completed a course in Non-Invasive Electrocoagulation and is qualified to handle these skin blemishes. 


All procedures are done with sterile disposable needles in a clean, hygienic environment.

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